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"The Last" Stills

Claire (Rebecca Schull) prepares to make a

stunning confession.

Harry (Reed Birney) and hs wife Melody (Julie Fain Lawrence) attend a reading of the Tashlich prayers on Rosh Hashanah.

Harry (Reed Birney) and his wife Melody (Julie Fain

Lawrence) witness their family reciting the Tashlich


Claire (Rebecca Schull) weighs the potential consequences of her confession.

Harry (Reed Birney) describes the theme of his

new, sardonic graphic novel.

Josh (AJ Cedeño) and his wife Olivia (Jill Durso)

confront their great-grandmother, who has just

made an unforgivable confession.

Olivia (Jill Durso) embraces her great-grandmother

Claire (Rebecca Schull) as emotional turmoil

threatens to destroy their family.

Claire (Rebecca Schull) and her great-grandson

Josh (AJ Cedeño) observe Rosh Hashanah.

Josh (AJ Cedeño) explains his philosophy regarding Modern Orthodox Judaism to his extended family.

Claire (Rebecca Schull) describes the Germany of 

her mother's youth to her great-grandchildren.

Olivia (Jill Durso) is riveted by her great-

grandmother's stunning confession.

Harry (Reed Birney) kvells over his family's joy 

at a first night Seder.

Olivia (Jill Durso) and her husband Josh (AJ Cedeño)

are shattered when they discover a century-old secret.

Olivia (Jill Durso) takes a break from teaching

music to speak her husband.

Melody (Julie Fain Lawrence) shares an intimate moment with her husband Harry.

Olivia (Jill Durso) watches Claire (Rebecca Schull

proffer her mother's diary to her great-grandson.

Olivia (Jill Durso) offers empathy and compassion

even as she finds herself in the emotional eye of a hurricane.

Claire (Rebecca Schull) is unrepentant when

challenged by her family about her past.

Josh (AJ Cedeño) is in disbelief as he learns the

horrible truth about his great-grandmother's